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Prof. H.J. Eysenck, a famous psychologist, has been once asked: "What it feels when a research brings you satisfying results?"

He answered : "The feeling is just like (the joyfulness of) a cat that got the cream, which is beyond description. I think it's a substantial and wonderful feeling, and you will feel everything is so delightful. I am often somewhat surprised when what I expected finally realized, as I always think it's almost impossible.

However, it is the truth now, it merits to celebrate. Thus, you will feel happy for yourself, and feel happy about the nature, for the whole world. You will feel the life is wonderful, and worth living."

a cat is happy with butter

Research Areas
  • Multimedia Systems
  • Quality of Experience
  • Social Computing and Computational Social Science
  • Crowdsourcing / Human Computation
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