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Radar Chart: Scanning for Satisfactory QoE in QoS Dimensions
(NOTE: Sheng-Wei Chen is also known as Kuan-Ta Chen.)

The ongoing convergence of QoE and QoS studies to give a thorough understanding of the end user has posed numerous exciting possibilities for network and multimedia researchers. However, there is not yet a proper visualization tool that is able to map the many-to-one relationship between QoS metrics and QoE, leaving researchers speechless in the cacophony of traditional two-dimensional diagrams. Although mostly employed in qualitative analysis, we found the radar chart, with a few tweaks, surprisingly suitable for the purpose. In this article, we present our adaptation of the radar chart, and demonstrate in a voice-over-IP context its use in single- and cross-application performance analysis, application recommendation, and network diagnosis.

Yu-Chun Chang, Chi-Jui Chang, Kuan-Ta Chen and Chin-Laung Lei, "Radar Chart: Scanning for Satisfactory QoE in QoS Dimensions," IEEE Network, Vol. 26, No. 4, July, 2012.

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