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How Sensitive are Online Gamers to Network Quality?
(NOTE: Sheng-Wei Chen is also known as Kuan-Ta Chen.)

Network quality is critical to real-time, interactive, online game play. Yet even though today's best-effort Internet does not provide quality of service (QoS) guarantees, the popularity of online gaming is only increasing. This popularity may be because QoS is not really a must-have characteristic or because players are accustomed to struggling with and playing through unfavorable network conditions.

Ironically, despite the popularity of online games, complaints about high "ping times" and "lags" continue to surge in game-player forums (such as GameDev.Net). It would appear that most players view network latency and loss as a major hindrance to an enjoyable gaming experience. Here, we investigate whether players are really as sensitive to network quality as they claim. If they are, we would like to answer whether they quit games earlier than they might otherwise due to unsatisfactory network conditions.

An extended version of this paper: Effect of Network Quality on Player Departure Behavior in Online Games

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